Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers

Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers is a company that operates right from the heart of West Yorkshire. It is a family run business that has been a major player in the landscaping industry of the area for more than 25 years, with 10 of those being spent in providing artificial grass services. Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers is an institution that is not just passionate about what they provide but also fully focused on ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. When it comes to their priorities, the customers are always at the top, and it is their satisfaction that they provide with high-quality products and services.

The Products

One of the major aspects of what sets Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers apart from the competition is the high quality offered in artificial grass. The artificial grass they offer is expertly developed in Europe, utilizing the best materials available on the continent. It is thoroughly tested to ensure that can withstand all the extremities that the British weather has to offer. Furthermore, the products developed by Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers are regularly updated and improved to make sure that they meet industry standards. Hence, it is the company’s creed to improve and bring even better products to customers.

Furthermore, it is not just the quality of the products that helps Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers stand out in the market. They provide an immense range of artificial grass products that include various varieties required by customers. One of the most innovative and exemplary of their products is the K9 Artificial Turf. Regular artificial turf contains chemicals that are toxins for dogs, cats, and other pets. They irritate and can also lead to various life-threatening diseases, making them unsafe for use if there are pets on the property. However, the K9 Artificial Turf has been carefully developed to ensure that no such chemicals are used, while also ensuring the quality customers expect.

Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers

The Services

It is not just the products that make Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers an industry leader in the UK’s artificial grass market. Along with the high-quality products, Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers provide services that can give the products the support they need to shine for a long time. Every single one of Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers’ services is expertly designed to give customers the performance they expect from their artificial turf.

Along with providing artificial grass all over the UK, Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers also provides fantastic installation services that aim to give your property what it needs from the product you are purchasing. The first part of the installation is assessment. Both the customer’s requirements and the specific details of the property are assessed, ensuring that the installation will be carried out in a way that ensures maximum satisfaction. Once each minute detail has been carefully assessed, our highly experienced and well-trained professionals can ensure that the artificial grass is installed in a manner that makes it a natural part of the property.

Furthermore, it is not just the installation that Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers offers its customers. While artificial grass does not require the same attention that natural grass does, it does need attention in case it gets damaged or worn out. Artificial turf needs to be maintained just like any other product that you use. However, many customers often do not know how to maintain their artificial turf or do not have enough time to. If you fall into either one of these categories, do not worry since Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers is ready to offer you artificial grass maintenance services that fulfill your requirements and do much more. We provide the perfect care for your artificial turf, keeping its shape and sheen for a long time.

The Story

For Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers, the journey began right here in Yorkshire. Landscaping has always been an interest and passion of the family, and gradually it became our trade. We currently offer the best artificial grass in the country for landscapers to use. While we first developed and distributed our products in Yorkshire, we have since changed our routes because the quality of grass desired was not available throughout the country. Hence, to bring landscapers over the entire country excellent artificial grass, we have expanded.

The expansion changed several things about the company, with each change being introduced to ensure that the products we offer our customers improve, helping us maintain our promise of being the best in the country. Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers now produces its Artificial Grass outside the UK, utilizing the best raw materials available around Europe. However, every product stocked by Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers is developed with the British weather and conditions in mind. Despite where the artificial grass is made, it is still developed specifically for the British consumer, and the British citizen is who we aim to appease even now.

In the future, Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers aims to continue upholding its vows of improving and offering customers even better products to make use of. We are constantly trying to improve, in what we develop and how we deal with our customers. At Artificial Grass Trade Suppliers, if there is anything that matters above all else, it’s improving to surpass customer expectations year after year.

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