Glass verandas are extremely easy to set up

Recently, we’ve seen an increasing trend of having good open-aired and covered-with-roof outdoor spaces connected to your place, called as the Verandas. Verandas are often half enclosed, especially from the roof and they allow air to pass through from sideways. They provide a great outdoor experience while staying indoors. These days, people prefer having verandas attached to their houses to add beauty and grace to the house. Moreover, they also use verandas for various other purposes, such as outdoor games and activities. Having glass verandas do not only add to the beauty of your house but also provide various other benefits to people living in the house. Let’s look at various benefits of having Glass Verandas attached to your house:

Enjoy any Weather

Sitting outside in a Glass Veranda is an excellent way to enjoy good weather, without even leaving the house. Moreover, glass verandas are excellent in providing you shelter and protection from heavy rainfall and strong winds. When the sun comes out, your glass veranda will be the best place to gain adequate ‘Vitamin D’ without the fear of getting sunburnt. Aluminum and glass verandas are amazing and can increase the life span of your property to a great extent.

Adds to the value and enhances the beauty of your House

Having a glass veranda attached to your house automatically boosts its value. It enhances its beauty and looks really graceful and classy. Moreover, it can be fit in maximum 2 days, so you do not even have to wait for a long time in anticipation.

A Good Space for Entertainment

Verandas provide additional space for entertainment purposes. You can sit with your friends and family in a veranda and enjoy the weather. You can even make place for your guests in a glass veranda and entertain them in a different way. If you have kids, they can play games and even study outdoor in a glass veranda and all these activities become much more interesting and fun when they are done outdoors. Additional space makes sure that your kids have fun while staying at home, so they can be monitored and supervised easily.

Low Costs

At Open Space Concepts Glass verandas are extremely easy to set up. They do not demand extensive planning before set up and they are much cheaper and effective than other types of conservatory verandas that offer different types, sizes and styles of roofs. This feature plays a great role in the popularity and success of Glass verandas in UK and other areas of the world.

Other Reasons

I can go on for hours babbling about various other reasons why glass verandas are the future. It can protect and save your garden’s furniture from rough weather and could be used to clean your pets, shoes and other muddy stuff before you take them inside your house.

If you are not planning anything extravagant but you are thinking about hosting an event at your place with a handful of people, a glass veranda could come in pretty handy here. Set some space for a few seats and small tables to enjoy a short gathering. Use your glass veranda for it and have loads of fun.

Different types of Glass Verandas

Let’s look at the different types and categories of glass verandas available in the market to choose from:

Fixed glass side

These types of glass verandas look very classy and elegant and have one side attached to the ground by glass that acts as a door. It provides complete protection from bad weather and adds monetary and physical value to your property.

Tinted Glass Veranda

In these types of verandas, the glass used is tinted and protects you from scorching rays of the sun on a hot sunny day, by acting as a shade. It not only protects you from sunlight but also acts as a medium of heat protection and is excellent in summers.

LED lights Glass Veranda

This type of glass veranda is more valuable and is significantly different from traditional types of glass verandas because it offers LED lightening.  These LED lights are very cost effective and can help save energy by up to 30%. They ensure high levels of safety, are cost effective, do not need high maintenance, save energy and have longevity.

Glass Verandas that provide Heating choices

Another popular type of glass verandas are those that come up with different temperatures and provide you with various heating options. They are very useful in winters and are really important for people living in colder climatic zones as this can provide them with constant heating, helping them avoid the freezing cold outside.

Remote Control Glass Verandas

These types of verandas use high level of technology and allow you to operate them via remote. This makes them very convenient, advanced and fun to use. Moreover, they look stylish and classy to the guests and visitors.

Matching Rail Color Glass Verandas

These types of glass verandas add extreme beauty and value to your property as they match the color of the rails, enhancing the look of the veranda.

There are various companies in the market that offer more unique and additional features to glass verandas by enhancing the look, value and use of outdoor spaces to a great extent. These companies do not compromise on quality and provide excellent designs and quality of verandas to suit the needs of its customers. Other unique features offered by these companies include Electrical sun and light blinds and infrared lightening and heating glass verandas.


The growing trend of beautifying your house and adding more space to it by having glass verandas has motivated many people to consider setting up glass verandas. With glass verandas, you get to avail numerous benefits such as enhanced appearance, high monetary value and added space, which could be utilized for various outdoor activities and entertainment purposes.

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