Putting Green Tee Lines

NexGen Lawns installs putting green tee lines with artificial turf in your yard, customizing it to your specifications. Each of the construction techniques we have experienced will give you the characteristics of your favorite sport in the comfort of your home. We offer you the synthetic putting green tee lines for indoors and outdoors that have the most realistic golf surface available.

Our putting green tee lines are the most chosen area around the world.

There are many important aspects to know before choosing a synthetic putting green tee lines for your home, such as selecting between textured thread and split film thread. However, the artificial turf manufacturing methods and the type of filling used are also fundamental aspects when selecting a putting green tee lines.

The installation method and the base material are essential for an effective installation, but there are some important considerations when selecting your putting green tee lines. One of them is to choose between the textured thread and Slit-Film which is also known as fibrillated thread; this has been debated many times since there are many advantages and disadvantages of both.

Textured thread comes in two styles, such as nylon and polypropylene. Textured nylon and polypropylene threads are of very high quality, but textured polypropylene has much less problems than nylon because it can be recovered from moisture, which means that nylon retains much more moisture and generates more movement of the grass which tends to be problematic.

The most outstanding aspect to consider is that if you are going to hit distant shots on the putting green tee lines, the Slit-Film golf courses are ideal for subjecting blows in the distance, but this is not due to the composition of the thread, but to that the Slit-Film fields achieve more space for the filler material that expands between each of the fibers of the yarn during its installation.

The material of the filling is what removes the kinetic energy from the ball at the moment of impact, not the composition of the thread. This means that the more filler material on the putting green tee lines, the longer you accept the shot. You can shoot 30 yards at a putting green tee lines as long as you add additional filling material, since the problem is that the amount of padding is limited in the putting green tee lines textured.

Different Manufacturing

Not all artificial grass is manufactured in the same way. There are certain important factors when it comes to the quality of artificial turf. Some textured green tee lines will have more stripes than others and this is usually a quality problem. However, sometimes even the highest quality textured thread has certain problems with stripes. Textured putting green tee lines may have an inconsistent ball balance in one direction, but it will roll perfectly in the other direction.

An important factor to consider of putting green tee lines is the backing since they are susceptible to expansion and contraction, which causes wrinkles and more wrinkles. So a very good quality backup is essential. The best backing for putting green tee lines is a rubber backing, if you can see the stitches in the back area of ​​a textured putting green tee lines, it means that it does not have the additional reinforced backing you need.

Putting green tee lines without this reinforced rubber backing tend to have various problems unless the putting green tee lines textured to the concrete is sticking directly. The quality textured artificial turf product also has a higher mass rate in the material, which at the same time makes it a denser product.

The putting Green tee lines of Slim-Film will have superior shears, which means that each of the fiber tips is cut. Generally, the roll of the ball is better with the tops cut. Another important aspect is the denier sizes, which 5700 and 7600 are the most popular. The denier is the mass reading of the thread that is measured by combining the width and thickness of the fiber of the thread.

5700 fiber is much softer and will work better from the start. The 7600 denier fiber has a longer settling time, but it eventually settles and with respect to durability there is not much difference between the two. If the surface is used as a running or playing area for your pets, the 7600 denier can last much longer than the 5700 denier, but this as the case points to a putting green tee lines wear capacity is not really a factor.

Not needing maintenance, our putting green tee lines are an excellent choice for individual golfers who want a shooting area in the comfort of their home, or commercial establishments that wish to have practice fields.

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